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Bring your brand to life with a creative ad campaign

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Clear Channel offer each client the opportunity to connect with their target audience through the range of products. These platforms also allow the advertiser to become creative and innovative in how they apporach the consumer.

Each innovation is made possible by the Clear Channel platform and when a combination of two or more are implemented, extremely effective campaigns are created.

Please select an innovation to find out more about it. 


Filled Shelters

Shelters filled with items that will intrigue the audience


Special printing which creates an animation or illusion of depth effect


Create bespoke lighting effects and animations

Die Cut Printing

Create Impact with Die Cut Printing


Stand out with Duratrans Printing


Get creative with Scrollers and Scrolling Specials


Shelters that play a song or sound through headphones jacks


Shelters that release an aroma


Fan assisted shelter


Stand out with Pouches on Free Standing Units

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