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Adshel Live Malls is Clear Channel's leading digital out-of-home shopping centre network leading the way in the Irish out-of-home (OOH) market, located in 34 shopping centres across the island of Ireland.

Adshel Live Malls Dundrum & Fairgreen

Adshel Live Malls is transforming point-of-sale advertising. With the ability to display fully animated content, Adshel Live Malls also allows advertisers to be fully flexible with their campaigns incorporating creative elements such as contextual relevance and dynamic triggers.

Adshel Live Malls Corrib & Charlestown

Digital OOH creates greater cut through and engages consumers. It also allows advertisers to change their messaging by the time of day, day of the week and by location, giving brands the opportunity to serve more relevant messages. Advertisers have the capacity to activate sponsorships and promotions by changing messaging in the lead up to, during and after an event, amplifying the effectiveness of the campaign.

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