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This youth research programme is one of the most ambitious research programmes of its kind in Ireland. The research is carried out with over 500 people across Ireland, which provides an extremely large sample for this demographic. Over 3 years, the study explores, the full spectrum of id for over 18-34 year olds, including:
  • Shifts in media usage and consumption
  • Shifts in spending, saving and investment behaviours
  • Emerging cultural and lifestyle motivations 
  • New patterns of communication
  • Purchase behaviour and food/beverage consumption
  • The dawn of ‘we-novation’, as youth adopts the co-creative processes that will drive future waves of innovation
  • The role of shopping, fashion and advertising in shaping youth spending priorities and credit usage
  • The shadow side of affluence, choice and changing identities as a generation faces the ‘anomie’ of a secular Ireland


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