Why have we launched it?

The mobile platform brings interactivity to our Adshel network, allowing advertisers to deepen engagement amongst a desirable urban audience: young, mobile, urban, affluent and hard-to-reach.

Bringing outdoor and online together

As people spend an increasing amount of time out-of-home, they are searching for more and more information on the go: with smartphone penetration already at 61%*, mobile internet activity is set to exceed work and home by 2014.  Outdoor is a key driver of online search, and the biggest driver of mobile search.  Our mobile platform facilitates this convergence, offering advertisers an incremental channel of communication and response.

Meeting the evolving needs of advertisers

The mobile platform offers a way for advertisers to integrate their outdoor campaign with online activity, deepening and prolonging consumer engagement. The mobile platform can be used to meet any number of advertiser objectives, from creating a brand experience to driving online purchase, or extending the campaign via social media.

Giving consumers what they want

As the use of QR codes and NFC tags becomes more mainstream, e.g. via contactless payments, and more handset providers are launching NFC-enabled phones, consumers are becoming more aware of the ways in which this kind of technology can enrich their lives.  In fact, 33% of smartphone owners consider NFC an important feature for their next phone**.  Research proves that smartphone owners enjoy this kind of interaction, and that it can create a positive halo for the brand.


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