How it works

We have made it very simple to integrate the Connect Mobile Platform into an Adshel or digital campaign so that advertisers can take advantage of the incremental benefit it offers. 

The consumer experience

The mobile platform offers two ways for smartphone owners to engage with advertiser content:

1)       Via Near Field Communication (if their phone is NFC-enabled)

2)      By scanning a QR code (QR code readers can be downloaded to any smartphone).

On tapping or scanning their smartphone over the QR code or NFC tag to the right of the poster, a unique URL will open in their phone’s browser.  If the campaign is mobile-platform enabled, this will lead straight to the advertiser’s website or content; if not, they will be taken to a standard Clear Channel landing page.  On a scroller (where multiple advertisers are involved), on scanning or tapping, the consumer will be presented with a list of advertisers whose campaigns are mobile platform enabled for them to select from.

How advertisers can make their campaign mobile-enabled

Advertisers wishing to utilise the mobile platform alongside their 6-sheet are required to supply ONE link per campaign. The link must be relevant to the poster creative, and the website should be mobile-optimised.

Advertisers may choose to provide custom experiences based on browser user agent data or IP address look-up.  Post-campaign, we can provide standard campaign reporting, including number of interactions.

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