Over 200 campaigns researched and monitored 

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Through Ad-Reach, we offer our advertisers invaluable, accurate research into the effectiveness of their campaigns, and actionable feedback on how to maximise the impact of future campaigns.

We have carried research on over 200 campaigns in the Food, Telecommunications, Drinks, Retail, Finance, Motor and Entertainment categories.

The research monitor has been conducted by an independent research agency for over ten years, and its longevity has enabled us to build up a catalogue of case studies that increase our understanding of the medium.

Research is carried out during or after the campaign using over 330 face-to-face interviews. This ensures that the data is of the highest quality as it is a street-stop or door-to-door (where they are exposed to outdoor advertising) rather than online. It also provides the client with a representative sample of the total population.  

Ad-Reach looks at the following:

  • Brand awareness
  • Purchase consideration
  • Advertising awareness
  • Prompted recall of outdoor creative
  • Attitudes towards the creative  





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